Personal Loan: Learn How to Ask

If you are thinking of making a personal loan, be aware of all the necessary conditions and documents. The loan of the digital bank is directed to all the publics – personal credit, payroll and private salary. There is an additional condition for clients: retirees, pensioners, military and civil servants who have already used the full margin of the payroll discount can apply for a personal loan.

To request a loan, Agibank asks the client to complete four steps. In the window that appears on your screen, you first need to enter what type of loan you want. Then your data – name, CPF, phone and email. The third stage is related to your state and the point of service at which the process will be completed. Finally, the digital bank informs you that the form has been received and if the client wants to receive a call for guidelines and loan calculations.

Conditions for contracting the personal loan

Conditions for contracting the personal loan


Before separating all your documentation, it is essential to know exactly the Total Cost Effective of your loan (CET), ie all the fees that will be charged for your credit. Generally, the personal loan has the highest interest rates. According to the Central Bank website, the CET amount for personal loans is 19.89% per month (am) and 782.01% per year (pa).

To apply for the loan with Agibank it is necessary to present some documents:

  • Identity document -RG and CPF
  • Proof of Residence – May be a recent bill or water bill in the name of the client
  • Proof of income – Can be a bank statement or holerites

Is it worth making a loan 

Is it worth making a loan 

One practical way to find the ideal personal loan for your profile is to use the loan comparison tool of IQ 360 which is free and increases your chances of approval with financial institutions.

Personal loan amounts are often higher than other loan terms. Therefore, it is very important to research well before closing deals. Agibank has expensive fees that are very close to credit card interest rates. According to the Central Bank, between October 30 and November 6, Agibank rates were, on average, 18.91% and 699.15 aa

In addition, Agibank, even though it is a digital bank, requires the customer to finalize their loan request on one of their physical units. This hurts those looking for the convenience and speed of an online loan.

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Created in Rio Grande do Sul in 1999 by the economist Marciano Testa, consolidated in the Brazilian market as a banking correspondent. Until 2011, the company stood out as one of the largest payroll-deductible credit operators in Brazil. The strength of Agiplan was so great that between 2009 and 2011 it had exclusivity in the payroll of Bradesco.

The first major step of the institution took place in 2011, when it was authorized by the Central Bank to act as a financial institution. But the big leap came in 2016, when Agiplan acquired Banco Gerador, which had a strong presence in the Northeast of Brazil. The purchase price was not disclosed, but Agiplan was able to become a bank.

Starting in 2018, the financial institution became known as Agibank, to adapt to its new format of fully digital bank with various financial services, such as investments, cards, insurance, consortiums and loans.

One of Agibank’s innovations was to have broken a paradigm in the banking market by allowing the checking account to be the account holder’s cell phone number.


On the Reclame website, Agibank is rated as excellent and has a rating of 8.4 in 12 months, until October 31, 2018. Even though it is very well evaluated, many of the complaints regarding loans are about some people who were victims of scams applied by people becoming representatives of the digital bank – to know how to protect themselves from problems like this, read this article from IQ 360 . Agibank reinforces that it never requests values ​​in advance.


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