How to Apply for Personal Credit

Bondora is the option you need to fulfill all those projects that you have always dreamed of but have not been able to do for lack of money. A vacation, the hitch of a car or a house, start a business or invest to receive benefits in the future. Whatever you want may be possible with Bondora, thanks to its useful tools that will allow you to create a loan contract where you are the one who chooses the monthly installments and the payment dates so that they adjust to your pocket and to your size. In addition Bondora offers multiple additional services so that from the ease of your mobile phone or computer you can access everything that this institution has for you.

Bondora is a company present in Spain, Finland and Estonia with more than 8 years of experience that support more than 226,000 satisfied customers . Bondora is a financial institution that will help you achieve the projects you have always wanted, giving you an easy, effective and secure option to obtain a personal loan . If you are tired of complicated procedures that last for hours, in which you are asked for a large amount of documents and none of your advisors are able to explain you in a simple and precise way what each term means, causing you to pay a lot more in the end that you had contemplated, Bondora is the best option for you, since its intuitive interface and its useful tools, allow you to contract a loan just to suit you in which all payments are clearly defined. Getting a loan in Bondora is very simple and you can do it from the comfort of your home, office or Smartphone, plus it has a very useful and active customer service so you are always calm that your doubts will be resolved in question of very little time. But, having so many financial companies offering personal loans, why choose Bondora? Then we will talk a little more about this company.

What makes different

Bondora is much faster and direct than traditional banks. These usually apply very strict and inflexible criteria for granting loans and credits , not to mention that they take a very long time to be processed and sometimes they do not even tell us about their status. Bondora differentiates itself from these institutions because the values of the company include always complying with the established conditions, always offering answers to questions or doubts, with affordable and competitive interests, personalized for each individual.

Another differentiator of Bondora is that its applied interest is much lower than that of other credit institutions, as well as its commissions. Other institutions apply the maximum allowed by law when applying loans. Bondora is not like that, since it has a system that calculates the most favorable interest rate for you, based on your credit history and income, without charges or hidden commissions, making sure that you will be able to return it

Another of the differentiators of Bondora is its value system. In Bondora everybody deserves a reasonable loan that they can pay, so no matter your situation, in Bondora you will find an option for you based on your income, so you will be sure that you will not have any problem to make your payments.

Unlike other financial companies whose terms and conditions are not clear, Bondora is a company that seeks to be as transparent and clear as possible, always being honest with its clients and offering a timely, fast and clear service with which all your doubts and concerns will be solved.


Bondora is a very good option for anyone who needs a loan, since it has a large number of loan options with different installments, installments and services, looking to offer a loan tailored to each person . Additionally, Bondora’s solutions are much more just and reliable than those offered by other entities, such as banks or lenders, since they have high security protocols to keep your data and transactions free of third parties, assuming that your data will never be sold. Another advantage is the additional services that Bondora offers, including a very innovative one called B Secure, which gives you the wonderful facility of modifying the loan repayment schedule

Also, whatever your project, you can choose Bondora, since this company does not need to know the purpose of the money they lend you, and you will always have different options to apply for your loan, and even change the terms if necessary, only you are the one decide how much and when you will pay.

The main features

The main features of Bondora

  • Bondora offers its clients the best possible personal offer, which does not include charges or hidden commissions.
  • In bondora the tranquility of your customers is always first, so all your rights as a consumer are fully guaranteed by the Financial Supervision Authority of the Estonian Republic (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority).
  • In Bondora, loans do not require any type of collateral and are easy to apply for.
  • You can get credits of 500 Euros up to 10,000, with a term to repay your loan from 3 months to 5 years.
  • Interest rates start at 21%
  • There are no additional charges if you decide to make an early repayment.
  • Only you decide the monthly fee you want to pay and the date you want the charge to be charged to your account.
  • You do not need to go to a branch, you can request your loan from your computer or from your mobile phone.

It is safe to request a loan 

Security is a very important aspect, especially in the telecommunications era in which we take more care with our income and personal data. In Bondora the security of the clients is always a priority, so that absolutely all the data provided is totally confidential, and stored in high security servers, without giving them or ever selling them to third parties. Therefore, applying for loans at Bondora is completely safe, and your thousands of satisfied customers can guarantee this. All web pages of Bondora have state-of-the-art security protocols so third parties can not infiltrate and steal data. Rest assured in this aspect, Bondora will back you up giving you all the necessary security so that you can complete the credit application process with the greatest confidence.


Bondora requirements

To apply for a personal loan in Bondora you must meet these 5 requirements:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Have a bank account with your name in Spain
  • Have proof of regular income.
  • Manage a good credit history in your accounts.
  • Do not suffer gambling or other problem related to the game.

 interest rates

The interest rates of Bondora loans vary depending on two variables:

  • Amount of money requested
  • Time requested to return the loan

Interest rates start from 21% of the total credit. This can be adjusted so that it is at its minimum value, or it will increase depending on the decisions we make when applying for our loan. But do not worry, since on the Bondora website you can find a simulator that will allow you to adapt a detailed plan that includes payment dates, the total amount of the monthly payment, interest, commissions and total amount to be paid. This is so that you can adapt it according to your income and ability to pay.

It is also important to bear in mind that the APR (Annual Equivalent Rate) of a loan can range from 36.51% to a maximum of 1,149.16%. For its part, the TIN (Nominal Interest Rate) consists of 31.21%. Knowing these data you can choose the best option to apply for the loan that you need so much to carry out your projects, you will see that the flexibility and variety of options will make your process much more enjoyable.

We can exemplify the above in a very simple way: If you have a loan of 2,230 Euros for a period of 5 years, you will pay 70.01 Euros per month with an APR of 36.51%. The total refund after 5 years will be 4330.79 Euros, including opening fees, contract expenses and account management. Remember that this is just an example, and may vary depending on the personal circumstances of each person, such as their income, the amount established, the payment terms and their credit history.

You can ask for a loan 

Although it is not one of the requirements of Bondora, it is difficult for any financial institution to give us a personal loan if we are in the ASNEF . This institution analyzes if we are in this situation before approving the loan, so it is advisable to avoid being in this type of situation if what we want is to request a loan from a reliable and respected company. Remember that many companies that say not to review the ASNEF in the end turn out to be fraudulent and do nothing but keep our money with different tricks.

Customer service 

Bondora does not have a telephone line, in order to reduce commission costs to its customers. Besides that nowadays, most people are facilitated communication via web, being able to share many more data and multimedia.

The Bondora customer service team can assist you in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish and Russian, so the language is no longer an impediment to apply for your personal loan in Bondora.

Types of loans 

Bondora offers a large number of loans to cover any situation you may encounter, then we list each of them to choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Personal credits
  • Quick credits
  • Urgent credits
  • Mini credits
  • Personal loans
  • Quick loans
  • Urgent loans
  • Mini loans
  • Refinancing the loan
  • Online loans
  • Online credits
How to apply for credits

To apply for a loan in Bondora you simply have to follow the following three simple steps:

  1. Register online and formalize your loan application: In this part you must fill out a completely free form through the internet that does not take more than 5 minutes. Once filled you will receive several loan offers specially designed for you.
  2. Select the loan offer that is most suitable for you: The next step is to select the loan amount you need, as well as the repayment term that best suits your possibilities and needs. The loan offers that we give you are personalized and have reasonable interests.
  3. Identify and sign the loan contract: It is necessary that you provide some documents to validate your identity and for security reasons. In case you need to ask for a loan again this step will not be necessary. Now it is enough to sign the contract of the agreed loan. The money will be transferred to your bank account automatically.
How to return the credits

Repaying your personal loan in Bondora is very simple and does not require more effort. Forget about making bank deposits or filling out paperwork to pay off your loan, in Bondora, the payments will be deducted from your account automatically in the monthly installments predetermined by the calendar established in the loan. In order for this to be carried out correctly, you must have enough money to cover your monthly payment and the additional services you have contracted, so always remember to have the necessary amount.

Extensions and postponements

Bondora is aware that many times the plans do not turn out as we want, so it offers you the option to request a new amortization schedule. In these situations Bondora offers a service called B Secure, which provides different facilities to help you make your payment and return your account much more flexible. B secure is an additional service that will allow you to create monthly extensions or deferrals so that the payments can be adjusted to your pocket.

To do so, you must simply log in online to your Bondora account and click on the “Additional Services” option. Here you will find a menu where the terms and conditions of each service will appear. Upon request, you will be charged a monthly fee of an additional 10 Euros per month, which will be automatically deducted from your bank account, so before making this process you must ensure you have sufficient funds to request this change of amortization schedule.

Other services that you can have by having B Secure to help you pay your debt are the following:

  • Possibility of benefiting from a grace period of the principal
  • Modification of the loan schedule, being able to make it shorter or longer.
  • Possibility of changing the monthly payment date.
  • Ease of choosing any or all of these options, according to what best suits your needs.

If for some reason you fail to meet your payment terms and have already contracted B Secure, you will begin to send notifications which will have a cost that will be deducted from your bank account. For this reason it is better that from the beginning analyze the contract well so that you can repay the loan without major problem. Remember that Bondora offers you multiple tools to request a loan with the terms of payment and conditions that suit you and that best suit your needs.

With this entity you can get all kinds of different credits , which unlike other entities, this type of credits varies between 500 and 10,000 euros and can be returned in different periods stipulated between 3 months and 5 years.

All these loans offered by the entity are completely free of collateral which gives us a lot of freedom at the time of not having to be dependent on an endorsement to get them, also gives us the peace of mind that in case of default will not affect anyone who let’s not be ourselves

Undoubtedly, if we wanted to draw conclusions from Bondora, all would be 100% positive. It is a traditional type of banking and it has strict criteria when it comes to granting money, this is done for Bondora security, but also for the security of the clients, since someone who is not eligible to receive a loan, would only indebt it a lot. more than what is already.

All of Bondora’s loan offerings are highly competitive and, in many points, win almost the majority of companies in the market, with one of the most affordable interests in the world.

Although for many companies a minimum interest limit is set that is fixed by law, many banking entities that decide to surpass it and far from giving a minimum interest, increase it but as management commissions. In Bondora, all that type of abusive expenses for customers are avoided.

The system has a program that is able to calculate the most favorable interest rate for you, based on the information you have provided to the entity. Also, in Bondora you will never find hidden commissions, which makes you face a credit that you are able to repay and not a loan that will indebt you.

The money is transferred to the account you have verified although it depends on the bank if it is 3 or 5 business days. If you work with one of the Bondora entities, the transfer will be instantaneous.

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