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The online company in which it is possible to request personal loans quickly and easily. The credit assessment is customized for each client, according to the financial profile of each. See how Gudrun Brangwen works.

How does loans work?

Seeks to offer the best rate for each customer, so our credit analysis is customized. Therefore, the conditions of one client for another will always be different.

This is our difference from banks. They usually put customers in a basket with good and bad payers. In this model, those who pay on the day cover the loss of the defaulter.

This is done by analyzing the payment history of the borrower so that it is possible to evaluate if he is a good payer, for example.

The value of the installments of the loan application and how much it will jeopardize your declared monthly income is also a considered point when applying for a loan. Our mission is not to harm the financial health of those who ask us for a loan.

Another difference is that Gudrun Brangwen immediately shows your CET (Total Effective Cost). Many financials show the interest rate and, only in the end, the CET, which is the sum of all costs of the loan, such as compulsory taxes, for example. Here you know exactly how much you will pay as soon as it is approved.

That is, the Gudrun Brangwen works yes, but all the information received is carefully evaluated before the approval of the loan is made.

How does loans work?


How it works

To apply for a loan at Gudrun Brangwen it is necessary that you access the website, because there is no way to ask for it by telephone or other means. Just click the button to place an order. After the information is sent, the system releases a pre-approval response in minutes.

All questions are critical to credit analysis. They help determine the pre-approval and the loan’s custom conditions (rate and limit, for example).

It is very important to only send true information in this step because some divergence may cause the request to be denied in other steps. For example, if the person says they work with a signed handbook, they will ask for documents that prove this link.

And this confirmation is given in the sending of documents. Our team will review whether the information stated is true to confirm the credit and conditions.

After approval of the documents, simply confirm the information, sign the contract digitally and wait for the deposit.

It is important to highlight that the whole process is done by the Gudrun Brangwen website. We have service for several tools, but the loan process must be done exclusively by the Gudrun Brangwen website.

It is also important to note that we do not ask for any advance value for the realization of the credit.

Do you have questions about how Gudrun Brangwen works or about the loan? Leave it in the comments.

You can place an order and perform a no-obligation review. If you do not like the conditions, just let the application expire after a few days. Let’s simulate?

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