Do you think divorce is better than marriage counselling? Think again…

I have seen two people of similar thoughts and values pair up, start to get to know each other personally and finally fall in love. Being in a relationship for at least 7 years since grade 6, and after maintaining long distance for another 3 and a half years and finally decided to tie the holly knot of marriage.

Even during the ups and downs of the relationship, the two souls managed to stay together, while continuously tried their best to bring the situation under control.

There has been a very strong connection between the two souls who seemed to understand the deepest desires and unspoken questions.

At times, this amazing affection from a different person is found early for certain people. On the other hand, there are the few who are constantly fighting each other but still loving like each other like mad souls at the end of the day.

There is the rest bunch of people who fall in love with each other temporarily and eventually get bored and decide to separate.

Separation is not always the best option not until it is absolutely necessary. Some relationships are very aggressive in which the partners literally start hitting each other physically, causing harm and other life threatening actions. In such cases it is wise to separate because at the end, we must learn to love ourselves first.

However, during usual situations like cheating, which is not a wise action all the time but it is wise to know both sides of the story. It is very natural being attracted to someone only for a while but only a soulmate is always a soulmate.

michael j meister counseling says that physical attraction is not always the same thing as loving the soulmate. Two people can get physical for one night and then its just the personal satisfaction and need that needs to settle down. That’s why, couples must try out new things with each other to sustain the continuous variation and excitement.